Class Claims Clinton Foundation|Stiffs Workers for Forced Overtime

     BOSTON (CN) – The William J. Clinton Foundation stiffs workers for overtime, a class action claims in Suffolk County Court. The named plaintiff says she “coordinat(ed) payroll for all employees worldwide” for the former president’s foundation – about 100 current and former workers. She claims they were required to work overtime and weekends but that they “at no time received compensation for the overtime hours worked.”

     Michelle Tribbett claims that “The Clinton Foundation has been on notice of its failure to comply with the law in failing to compensate its nonexempt employees for overtime but deliberately chose to ignore its responsibility to do so thereby demonstrating its reckless indifference to the rights of its employees.”
     She claims that “The responsibilities of those similarly situated and plaintiff’s responsibilities necessitated that they work overtime, both in the evenings and on weekends and they were expected to do so.”
     Tribbett claims she “sought and obtained permission from the attorney general’s office” to file this class action.
     The class is represented by Jocelyn Sedney with Brody, Hardoon & Perkins.

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