Class Claims Biospot|Killed Their Pets

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Biospot flea and tick control poisoned hundreds of pets with toxic chemicals, dog and cat owners claim in a federal class action.

     The over-the-counter products made by Central Garden and Pet Co. and Farnam Cos. contain pyrethrins, which kill fleas and ticks but also cause serious neurological problems in dogs and cats, the class claims.
     Lead plaintiff Sunny Johansson claims she applied Biospot behind the ears of her cat Jack O’Punkin, and the Manx began having seizures within hours.
     “He scrabbled at the floor at Ms. Johansson’s feet and looked like he was rapidly biting the floor. He then fell over and lay there, disoriented, with his pupils blown wide open.”
     Johansson immediately shampooed Jack and spoke with her vet’s assistant, “who confirmed the likely cause to be Biospot, having seen similar reactions in other animals. The vet’s assistant said that if Ms. Johansson hadn’t shampooed him right away, the product most likely would have killed him,” the complaint states.
     Plaintiff William Shelby says his pit bull “Waggles” was not as lucky. Four days after Shelby treated her with Biospot, her fur began falling out and she developed sores. A week later, Waggles began having seizures and started losing her eyesight. Her vet was “baffled” by her symptoms, and by the time Shelby had her euthanized she was totally blind and could not swallow.
     Kathy Ainsely says her cat “Petey” was also euthanized after his seizures became so violent that “the crate he was housed in fell over.”
     Ainsley says that throughout Petey’s treatment for seizures, her vet “continued to suspect that the application of Biospot was the cause of Petey’s symptoms.”
The class claims that Central Garden and Farnam continue to market Biospot as safe though they know it can cause illness and death.
     The class seeks injunctive relief and punitive damages for breach of implied warranty and violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.
     Central Garden is based in Walnut Creek, Calif.; Phoenix-based Farnam Cos. is a wholly owned subsidiary.
     The pet owners are represented by Jacqueline Mottek with Positive Legal.

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