Class Claims Bank Of America Double Dips

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Bank of America abuses its fiduciary accounts to enrich itself at customers’ expense, uses the accounts “as ‘cookie jars’ to unjustly enrich itself” charges for unnecessary, unearned, “‘double dipping’ fees,” a class action claims in Federal Court.

     In addition to taking the unwarranted charges, the class claims, the bank does not even provide its customers “the services to which they were and/or are legally entitled.”
     The complaint cites massive layoffs in the bank trust departments, which were “replaced by centralized fiduciary account administration through regional ‘Call centers’ and other similar impersonal means.”
     It continues: “After each new acquisition of another ‘Acquired Bank’ by BAC and the Bank, the fiduciary services offered by the Bank were further rationalized, including the elimination of individualized fiduciary services to which beneficiaries were and/or are entitled. At the same time, in order to general additional profits from economies of scale, the Bank and the Acquired Banks unilaterally divested themselves of responsibility for many of the direct duties of a corporate fiduciary.”
     The class demands disgorgement and damages for breach of fiduciary and unjust enrichment. It is represented by David Brower with Brower Piven.

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