Class Challenges Air Canada Ads

     MONTREAL (CN) – Air Canada violates consumer laws by failing to include extra fees and taxes in the ticket prices it advertises online, according to a class action Quebec Superior Court. A law on price advertising that took effect July 1 prohibits Air Canada from imposing any charges other than those listed price for its flights, except for government taxes and additional, optional charges.

The plaintiffs, consumer lobbyists Union Des Consommateurs and Montreal resident Michael Silas, seek compensation for anyone who bought a ticket online after June 30 and paid more than advertised on the airline’s commercials and website.
Silas claims he bought an Air Canada ticket online, from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, for the advertised price of $298 but had to pay $402 because of fees and surcharges not shown in the original price.
Some of those charges include a Sept. 11 security fee, a U.S. agriculture tax and an airport improvement fee.
Silas seeks reimbursement and punitive damages of $100,000 for each class member.
Reimbursements are also sought from Air Canada affiliates such as Air Canada Jazz, Rapidair and other airlines advertised on the Air Canada website.
The plaintiffs are represented by Unterberg, Labelle & Lebeau.

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