Class Calls Diet Supplement Snake Oil

     SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – Maximum Human Performance, MuscleMeds and General Nutrition Corp. push the diet supplement “Arimatest” with false claims that it will “boost testosterone levels by 10,000%,” a class action claims in Orange County Court.

     Plaintiffs also sue Supplement Services (dba MuscleMeds), and its president Gerard Dente, who also is president of Maximum.
     According to the complaint: “The phrase ‘snake oil’ describes health products that are marketed via dubious or false claims. Arimatest is precisely such a product. Defendants market and sell it for more than $70 per package by claiming that a prominent laboratory has confirmed that it will boost testosterone levels by ‘10,000%.’
     “That claim is false, and defendants know it. In fact, the clinical research laboratory upon whose research such claims are based, ZRT Laboratories, demanded that defendants stop making false and misleading claims several months ago, but defendants have refused to do so.”
     Plaintiffs are represented by Scott Ferrell with Call, Jensen & Ferrell of Newport Beach.

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