Claims to Prince’s Estate Soon to Be Made Public

     (CN) — The Minnesota judge overseeing Prince’s estate announced that claims against it made by siblings and more distant relatives will be made public July 11.
     The ruling is a partial reversal from U.S. District Judge Kevin Eide’s ruling sealing all filings by purported heirs seeking to inherit from the late megastar.
     Prince died in late April of an accidental drug overdose, with no known will or children. A sister and five half-siblings are in line to inherit, with several others claiming a tie to the performer.
     The estate is valued at $300 million or more before taxes.
     David Crosby of Bremer Trust, the court-appointed special administrator for Prince’s estate, said they searched through “thousands of boxes” for a will but found nothing. With no living parents or children, siblings are next in line, and it’s up to the court to sort out which of them benefits — and who is truly related.
     The decision on Prince’s heirs will determine not just who gets Prince’s current wealth and Paisley Park recording studio, but also who controls his music and the image he cultivated over four chart-topping decades. Industry experts have said his earnings potential after death is vast.
     Eide has received submissions from 23 claimants, some of whom claim to be Prince’s children.
     The judge ruled Thursday that filings by people claiming to be Prince’s children shall remain confidential, for now, but filings by siblings and more distant relatives will be made public.
     Eide stayed his order until July 11 to allow parties to comment on his decision, and he stated he is open to modify the order if parties persuade him otherwise.
     A hearing on the Star Tribune’s motion to intervene in the case to ensure public access to court proceedings and records is scheduled for July 28.

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