Civil Rights

     During a traffic stop for speeding, McIntosh County, Okla. and the Eufaula Police Department seized $20,000 that Nicos Savvas Nicolau was going to use to start a business, and threatened to prosecute him as a drug dealer, without cause, if he demanded the money back, he claims in Muskogee Federal Court.

     The Estate of Daniel Faust claims police planted a gun near him after shooting him to death. Here are the defendants in Philadelphia Federal Court: City of Lancaster, City of Lancaster Bureau of Police, County of Lancaster Pa., Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, Township of Warwick Pa., Township of Warwick Police Department, Borough of Lititz Pa., Lititz Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, West Lancaster Township Police Department, Donald Totaro, Officer Jevon Miller, Officer Stephen Detz, Officer David Burdis, Cpl. Joseph Christaldi, Deputy Marshal Alan Stifler, Trooper Ariel Torres, Det. Thomas Kiss, and Det. Jere Schuler.

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