Civil Rights

     West Memphis police Officer Erik Sammis, who is white, shot to death 12-year-old DeAunte Farrow, who was black, unarmed, and posed no threat, the child’s family claims in Jonesboro, Ark., Federal Court. See complaint.

     City of Minneapolis police Officers Jason King and Lawrence Loonsfoot shot to death Dominic Aires Felder, who was black, after pistol-whipping him, though Felder was unarmed and had been subdued, his family claims in Hennepin County Court. See complaint.
     Rockwood School District unconstitutionally suspended a student from Lafayette High School because he took a photo of his English class and posted it on his Facebook Web page; the photo was not obscene and no one was identified by name on it, the kid’s father claims in St. Louis Federal Court. See complaint.

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