Civil Rights

     Ten plaintiffs claim the City of Oakland, its Police Chief Wayne Tucker and their officers perform abusive and sexually perverse public strip searches without cause, in San Francisco Federal Court.

     Three New Orleans City cops – Victor Gant, David Ogozalek and Anthony Villavaso – beat Gerald Arthur to death after stopping him for a traffic violation, his widow and children claim in New Orleans Federal Court.
     The City of Parma, its police Officer John Galinas and three other cops assaulted Linda Franz during a traffic stop and maliciously prosecuted her and her passenger because she asked for the name of the cop who stopped her, Franz claims in Cuyahoga County Court, Ohio.
     Millard Austin claims the Lavergne Police Department took $20,000 from him after arresting him in a gambling bust, dropped all charges, and refuses to return the money, in Rutherford County Court, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

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