City College Can’t Cancel Classes|For Probationers, Program Head Says

     CHICAGO (CN) – Chicago City College and Olive-Harvey College are illegally trying to cancel Probation Challenge Inc.’s GED and training programs for probationers, subjecting probationers to contempt of court citations, PCI’s president claims in Cook County Court.

     Plaintiff Harold Bailey claims that state law requires every county with a population of more than 2 million to offer programs such as PCI offers. Bailey claims that PCI is the only program that offers the material in Cook County, and that some of its students are under court order to attend the classes.
     The defendants informed PCI it will not be allowed to use the campus after April 30, and have already refused at least 30 applications. Bailey seeks declaratory judgment and an injunction.
     Bailey says PCI was founded in 1979, and has operated since then out of Olive-Harvey. He says students in PCI’s programs have fulfilled the Probation Challenge Program Act since the Illinois Legislature enacted that program in 1981.

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