Circuit Overturns $100K Fine Against Attorney

     CHICAGO (CN) – A Mexican attorney who allegedly committed fraud did not receive his day in court and is not required to pay a $100,000 fine, the 7th Circuit ruled.

     The family of Jose Manez-Reyes sued the Ford Motor Co. and Bridgestone/Firestone after he was killed in an accident caused by an exploding tire.
     The plaintiff’s attorney, Leonel Pereznieto, masterminded a plan to file a case in Mexico that he knew the judge would dismiss. That would allow the plaintiff to sue in the American court, since the Mexican court would be unavailable.
     After the scheme was discovered, Pereznieto was ordered to pay $50,000 to Ford and Firestone, and another $50,000 to the district court.
     However, Judge Wood ruled that Pereznieto did not receive notice that he was facing a fine, and he did not violate any court order.

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