Cinemark Dings Aurora Victims for Legal Fees

     DENVER (CN) — A California official is leading the public backlash to Cinemark Theaters’ request that 28 victims of the 2012 Batman shooting pay $700,000 in legal fees after unsuccessfully suing Cinemark for premises liability.
     Cinemark filed a bill of costs against victims and family members of people who died at the Century 16 theater shooting on July 20, 2012. Under Colorado law, the winning party is entitled to seek legal costs from the losers.
     Hundreds of Twitter users are using a #BoycottCinemark hashtag, with California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom leading the charge.
     “While they may have right to collect legal fees, these folks have already faced the horror of gun violence. Move on,” Newsom tweeted Thursday, after calling Cinemark’s request “shameful!”
     A jury ruled for Cinemark on May 19, finding it not culpable for the massacre carried out by James Holmes.
     The plaintiffs said Cinemark’s understaffing and lack of silent alarms allowed Holmes to kill 12 and wound 70 at the midnight premiere of the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight.”
     Cinemark said it could not have foreseen the attack of a mentally ill person.
     A jury of five men and one woman found Cinemark not guilty after a two-and-one-half-week trial.
     Holmes is serving 12 consecutive life sentences in an undisclosed prison outside of Colorado.
     Eighteenth Judicial District Judge Phillip Douglass has not yet ruled on Cinemark’s motion.

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