Church Appeals Same-Sex Adoption Ruling

     SPPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CN) – Catholic Charities asked an appellate court to stay a ruling that allows Illinois to sever its foster care and adoption contracts because the religious group refuses to work with same-sex couples.
     The motion asks for a stay of a Sangamon County judge’s ruling in favor of Illinois, The Associated Press reported.
     Catholic Charities, which represents dioceses in Belleville, Springfield and Joliet, claims it has developed a property interest after 40 years of state contracts and says it should be able to object to state action.
     Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt ruled in August that no one has a right to a state contract.
     At issue is Illinois’ new civil union law, which gives same-sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to be foster parents.
     Illinois terminated its foster care contracts with Catholic Charities after the group refused to work with same-sex couples.

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