Chrysler Trucks Called Potential Death Traps

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A class of Chrysler Dodge Ram truck drivers claim in court that the vehicles’ rear wheels lock up and cause a “very serious safety hazard.”
     Lead plaintiff Jesse Raymond Garcia III claims he was one of many Californians who bought or leased defective 2009-2010 Dodge Ram trucks. He has sued Chrysler Group LLC in the U.S. Central District of California court for unfair competition, breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty and fraud.
     According to Garcia, the Dodge Rams have a “defective rear differential,” or mechanical device, which even under “normal driving conditions” locks up the rear wheels of the trucks.
     “When the rear wheels lock up as a result of the differential defect, numerous consumers have reported that they have been unable to control the class vehicles. Said consumers have reported that class vehicles skid and spin out as a result of the rear wheels locking up, due to the differential defect, often times at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour,” the 14-page federal complaint states. “Once the rear wheels lock up as a result of the differential defect, the class vehicles are inoperable, and need to undergo extensive repairs. This is clearly a very serious safety hazard.”
     Garcia says that drivers of the defective Rams have also reported separating metal parts puncturing fuel tanks and “flying towards other vehicles.”
     “At least one consumer has reported crashing into a concrete barrier as a result of the differential defect,” the lawsuit states.
     Chrysler was allegedly aware of defects before the trucks left the assembly line, but has done nothing to resolve the issue or reimburse drivers who paid out of their own pockets to repair their trucks, Garcia says.
     The class is represented by Robert Starr of Woodland Hills, Calif. It seeks unspecified damages, repair costs, and disgorgement of profits.
     Chrysler Group spokesman Mike Palese told Courthouse News the company had not been served with the complaint.
     “It would be inappropriate to comment until we’ve had an opportunity to study what it alleges,” Palese said in an email. “However, 2009-2010 Ram trucks meet or exceed all applicable federal safety standards and have excellent safety records.”

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