Christmas Tree Ornaments Light Up Patent Dispute

     RALEIGH, N.C. (CN) – Anita White claims The Picture Globe Co. violates her patented method of printing images on “transparent enclosures,” such as Christmas tree ornaments. White says her invention “is particularly useful for decorating bulbs, such as Christmas tree ornaments, with images, such as a family photo.”

     White says she applied for a patent in 1996 and was granted it in 2000. In 1999, she says, she licensed the invention to an Ohio company, which sells it nationwide under the name “Magic Bubble.”
     She claims The Picture Globe Co. “uses White’s patented method to manufacture decorative globes with images mounted n the interior surface of the globes.”
     She wants an accounting, damages, an injunction and costs. She is represented by Anthony Biller of Cary, N.C.

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