Christian Schoolteacher|Accused of Sexual Assault

     MARTINEZ, Calif. (CN) – A teacher at a California Christian school sexually assaulted a girl he was tutoring in a classroom, the girl claims in court.
     Jane Doe and her guardian ad litem claim that Daniel Ismael Garza’s bosses at El Sobrante Christian School knew or suspected him of abusing students, as they had ordered him not to be alone with his students, including in his classroom, unless he had supervisory permission to do so.
     But Garza managed to have nonconsensual intercourse and oral sex at least twice with her in December 2014, on school property during school hours, Doe says in the lawsuit in Contra Costa County Superior Court.
     She also sued the Central Assembly of Richmond, California aka Central Assembly Church, which runs El Sobrante Christian School.
     Garza also took her off school property, then admitted that “he had taken plaintiff off school grounds for the purposes of engaging in sexual intercourse with her,” Doe says in the complaint.
     Doe seeks punitive damages for negligence, sexual battery and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.
     Neither her attorney nor the defendants responded to requests for comment.
     Doe is represented by Michael Meadows, with Casper Meadows of Walnut Creek.

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