Chris Brown Sued in|Parking Space Fracas

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Chris Brown and a member of his posse assaulted Frank Ocean’s cousin in a brawl over a parking space at a Hollywood recording studio, the man claims in court.
     Sha’ Keir M. Duarte sued Brown and 10 Does in the singer’s crew, including one known as “Hood,” in Superior Court.
     Duarte claims that Brown and Hood hit him repeatedly during the Jan. 27 fracas at Westlake Recording Studios in West Hollywood.
     According to the lawsuit, the rhubarb began after Duarte arrived at the studio with Ocean to find Brown’s Lamborghini parked in a spot reserved for Ocean.
     Ocean and Duarte entered the studio and asked Brown why he had taken the space.
     Brown, Hood and two other members of the crew then approached “in a menacing manner,” Duarte says in the complaint.
     “Suddenly, and without any provocation, defendant Hood stated ‘Is there a problem, Cuz,’ and then lunged and struck plaintiff with a punch to his face. Plaintiff further alleges that simultaneously with the initial punch, he heard defendant Chris Brown yell ‘Get that Nigger!’ by which plaintiff understood Chris Brown was referring to plaintiff,” according to the lawsuit.
     Duarte claims Hood knocked him down and kicked him at least 12 times.
     After a staff member intervened, Hood taunted Duarte, “‘You just got handled,'” and Brown said: “‘You just got your ass beat and it’s on camera,'” according to the complaint.
     “Finally, as Hood was exiting the studio, he yelled ‘If you want to bust, we can bust,’ which plaintiff is informed and believes is street slang for using a firearm, and plaintiff further alleges that when the phrase ‘If you want to bust, we can bust’ was stated it was so stated with the express intent of placing plaintiff in fear for his life, and imminent attack,” the lawsuit states.
     Duarte seeks punitive damages for battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy to commit battery.
     He is represented by Joseph Porter of Seal Beach.
     Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos could not immediately be reached for comment.

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