Chris Brown Bodyguard Said to Grab Camera Guy at Gym

     LOS ANGELES — A man who says he happened to have a camera with him while working out at a gym in Universal City claims he was “picked up by the shorts” and assaulted by a bodyguard working for singer Chris Brown.

     Robert Rosen, in a complaint filed in Superior Court against Brown and L. A. Fitness International, LLC, said he took Brown’s picture last March after spotting him playing basketball. Brown’s bodyguards then allegedly began chasing him and tried to stop Rosen from leaving.
Rosen said he managed to go down a flight of stairs but then fell before the bodyguard caught up with him.
     Among other things, L. A. Fitness allegedly negligently “failed to take precautions and to protect plaintiff, knowing there was a special risk of injury, so as to directly and legally cause plaintiff to be injured while fleeing from pursuing third parties with intent to commit violent acts upon plaintiff, while plaintiff was utilizing his membership privileges on said premises.”
     The complaint was filed by Andrew Bryman of Bryman & Apelian.

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