Chiropractors Accused Of Insurance Fraud

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A network of chiropractors of used “thousands of personal injury lawyers” to steer patients to their clinics in exchange for kickbacks, the State of California claims on behalf of Allstate Insurance. The chiropractors allegedly manufactured records to show injuries and justify treatments.

     The insurance fraud complaint was filed under seal on Aug. 7 in Superior Court.
     Here are the defendants: Bruce Yasmeh, Ali Ebeneshahidi, A. Ebeneshahidi Chiropractic, Kareen Carruthers, Salem Medical Clinic, Salem Chiropractic Clinic, University Medical Clinic, University Chiropractic Clinic, Victory Outpatient Clinic, Aaron Health Care, American Chiropractic Clinic, American Medical Clinic, Foothill Health Center, East L.A. Outpatient Health Clinic & Rehab Center, East L.A. Outpatient Clinic, Gardena Outpatient Clinic, Globe Chiropractic Clinic, Vide Chiropractic Clinic, and Professional Business Collections and Management.

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