Chinese Melamine Injury Claims Filed in U.S.

     BALTIMORE (CN) – Fifty-three families throughout China say their children suffered renal system injuries from milk contaminated by melamine. They claim Maryland-based Synutra International directly controlled the Chinese plants where the tainted “powdered milk formula and other milk products” were made.

     Synatra International is also known as American St. George Biological Technology Corps.
     “Plaintiffs are the parents of minor children who consumed reconstituted powdered milk formula and other milk products contaminated with melamine, which products were manufactured and distributed by defendants in the People’s Republic of China, or under defendants’ direct supervision and control. Plaintiffs bring this action in their own behalf as parents and on behalf of their minor children who suffered serious adverse health consequences, including but not limited to kidney stones, kidney and urinary blockages, fever, pain, nausea, vomiting, and other forms of serious bodily distress and personal injury. Defendants’ negligent and grossly negligent operation of their business was the proximate cause of plaintiffs’ injuries, for which plaintiffs seek compensatory and punitive damages,” according to the federal complaint.
     The plaintiffs are represented by Paul Gaston of Washington, D.C.

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