Chicago Rapper Accused of Sneak Attack

     CHICAGO (CN) – A woman sued Chicago rapper King Louie, claiming he hired another woman to assault her on a pretext, filmed the fight and posted it online to “promote himself as a rap artist.”
     Jazmine Berry sued Louis Johnson and Josephine Conley in Cook County Court.
     Johnson pka King Louie or King L records for Epic Records, which is not a party to the lawsuit.
     Berry claims that in June this year Johnson “invited Ms. Berry to his home in Chicago Illinois to eat breakfast. Defendant Johnson and Ms. Berry had been friends for some time.”
     The complaint continues: “Ms. Berry agreed to go to defendant Johnson’s home for breakfast.
     “When Ms. Berry arrived at defendant Johnson’s home, defendant Johnson invited Ms. Berry into the home. After a brief, social conversation, defendant Johnson suggested everyone go to the back porch.
     “Ms. Berry agreed, and she proceeded outside to the back porch with defendant Johnson and two other unknown individuals.
     “While Ms. Berry, defendant Johnson, and two unknown individuals were on the
     back porch, defendant Conley arrived at the rear of defendant Johnson’s home.
     “On information and belief, defendant Johnson hired defendant Conley to come to defendant Johnson’s home that day for the purpose of battering Ms. Berry.
     “On information and belief, defendant Johnson intended to video record the battery to promote himself as a rap artist and for economic gain.
     “Defendant Conley proceeded up the stairs to the area where all parties were standing. Ms. Berry did not know defendant Conley.
     “Defendant Johnson and another individual began filming Ms. Berry as defendant Conley made her way up the stairs.
     “Defendant Conley falsely accused Ms. Berry of stealing a pair of ‘Marc Jacobs’ sunglasses from defendant Johnson.
     “At the same time that defendant Conley made this false accusation regarding the sunglasses defendant Conley began to viciously attack Ms. Berry.
     “During this attack, defendant Conley repeatedly punched and beat Ms. Berry about the head and face, pulled her hair, grabbed her by the neck, and threw her to the, floor of the porch of defendant Johnson’s home.
     “While Ms. Berry was on the floor, defendant Conley continued to punch and otherwise beat Ms. Berry.
     “During this attack, defendant Conley repeatedly falsely accused Ms. Berry of stealing a pair of ‘Marc Jacobs’ sunglasses from defendant Johnson.
     “During the attack, defendant Johnson and the unidentified individuals laughed at Ms. Berry and referenced ‘DJ Nate,’ another musician who had been the subject of a beating video.
     “Ms. Berry pleaded with defendant Johnson, asking him why he was doing this to her. Defendant Johnson continued filming the attack and continued laughing.
     “Defendant Johnson and an unidentified individual filmed the entirety of defendant Conley’s attack from two separate recording devices.”
     Berry claims the video was posted on YouTube and on Twitter with the hashtag #marcjacobsbandit, and has been viewed more than 9,000 times.
     She seeks more than $1 million in damages for battery, conspiracy, emotional distress and defamation.
     She is represented by Sean Dore with Duffin & Dore.

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