Chicago Cops Face RICO Brutality Complaint

     CHICAGO (CN) – In another complaint that the City of Chicago permits police terror, a federal RICO complaint accuses 21 named Chicago cops of raiding a bar, stealing money from patrons, then taking lead plaintiff Jose Reyes home, beating him in front of his children, and stealing more stuff from him.

    Here are the defendants: City of Chicago, Officer Jerome Finnegan, Officer Carl Suchocki, Officer James Eldridge, Officer John Blake, Officer Eric Olsen, Officer Gregory Insley, Officer Frank Villareal, Officer B. Corcoran, Officer J. Hurley, Officer Maka, Officer G. Salinas, Officer B. Rice, Officer Handzel, Officer Markiewicz, Officer Ferguson, Officer Nelligan, Officer Harvey, Officer McGovern, Officer Case, Officer Connelly, Officer Foley, Superintendent Philip Cline, Debra Kirby, Mayor Richard Daley, Unknown Officers.
     Plaintiffs Jose Reyes and Sonia Olazaba are represented by Hared Kosoglas and Christopher Smith.

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