Chemical Co. Isn’t Liable for Ivory Coast Sterility

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A chemical manufacturer is not liable for genocide against Ivory Coast residents because it did not act with specific intent, the 9th Circuit ruled.

     Akebo Abagninin works on banana and pineapple plantations in the West African nation of Ivory Coast. He and 10 other plaintiffs sued AMVAC over the production of an agricultural pesticide that he claims causes male sterility.
     The plaintiffs also named Shell Oil and Dole Food as defendants.
     Judge McNamee upheld the decision of the district court, which dismissed the case because AMVAC did not act within the context of a state or organizational policy.
     McNamee ruled that Abagninin failed “to allege that AMVAC intended to harm him through the use of the chemicals.”

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