Chase Bank Seeks Damages From Attorneys

     WILMINGTON, DEL. (CN) – Chase Bank claims in Federal Cour that Florida-based law offices are encouraging credit cardholders to file frivolous lawsuits contesting valid debts, causing a loss of $25 million owed by 3,800 customers.

     Chase claims the defendants have been sued for their bogus acts by the attorneys general of Florida and North Carolina.
     Here are the defendants in Federal Court: Hess Kennedy Chartered LLC, Laura Hess, Edward Kennedy, Laura Hess & Associates PA, Hess Kennedy Company Chartered BWI, The Consumer Law Center LLC, The Consumer Law Center of Delray Beach LLC, The Consumer Law Center Of Boca Raton Inc., The Campos Chartered Law Firm, Jeff Campos P.A., Jeffrey Campos, and Legal Debt Center LLC.

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