Cemex Fined $1.4 Million for Polluting

(CN) – Cemex, one of the nation’s largest cement makers, will pay $1.4 million for exposing people to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Cemex also must install pollution controls at its Ohio cement plant as part of the settlement in Cincinnati Federal Court.

     The state and federal governments sued Cemex under the Clean Air Act for modifying its cement plant without proper permits. The plant’s pollution contributes to smog, acid rain, heart disease and asthma, particularly in children.
     Cemex must install emission controls to reduce annual emissions of nitrous oxide by 2,300 tons and sulfur dioxide by 288 tons.
     Of the $1.4 million, $932,400 will go to the United States, $233,800 to Ohio and another $233,800 to Ohio’s Regional Air Pollution Control Agency; $46,760 of the state’s money will go into its Clean Diesel School Bus Program Fund.

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