Cat-Lovers Want Their $250,000 Back

     MINEOLA, N.Y. (CN) – Two cat-lovers claim North Shore Animal League America didn’t use their $250,000 donation, plus 400 cases of cat food, as promised: to house their 52 cats and take some of them on visits to nursing homes, hospices, rehab facilities and to other people who need cheering up.

     Margaret Bennett and William D. Edwards II claim the shelter took their donations in 2004 and 2005, but told them in 2008 that “housing of the cats did not fit with defendant’s mission of ‘rescue-nurture-adoption,'” so the shelter planned to adopt out the cats it could, and send the rest “to Culpepper, Virginia, thus eliminating plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ cats’ involvement in the visitation outreach program.”
     “The sum result of defendant’s decision was to dismantle the cat sanctuary and cat visitation program in direct contradiction of the intent and language of the parties’ agreement,” the plaintiffs say in Nassau County Court.
     They seek at least $304,000 for breach of contract, and want the defendant enjoined from dismantling its cat outreach program.
     They are represented by Laurie Sayevich Horz with Steinberg, Fineo, Berger & Fischoff of Woodbury, N.Y.

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