Caring Hands or Killing Hands?

     CHICAGO (CN) – A home health care service assigned an elderly woman a caretaker with a criminal record and an active warrant, and she robbed, assaulted, broke bones and teeth and tried to kill the sick woman, the patient claims in court.
     Margolith Rotman sued Deeantuanette Ford, Draper and Kramer Inc., and Caring Hands Health Maintenance Services, in Cook County Court.
     “For some time prior to August 11, 2011, the defendant Deeantuanette Ford was employed by the defendant, Caring Hands Health Maintenance Services Inc. as a home care-giver for individuals,” the lawsuit states.
     “The defendant, Caring Hands Health Maintenance Services Inc. assigned Deeantuanette Ford to be the caregiver for the plaintiff, Margolith Rotman, even though Caring Hands Health Maintenance Services Inc. knew or should have known that Ms. Ford had a previous criminal record and had an outstanding warrant for battery.
     “Deeantuanette Ford established a relationship with the plaintiff as her caregiver.
     “Subsequently, Deeantuanette Ford left the employment of Caring Hands and went to work for the plaintiff.
     “On August 11, 2011, without justification and without the consent of the plaintiff, the defendant Deeantuanette Ford did rob, beat, assault and attempt to murder the plaintiff Margolith Rotman and was subsequently convicted of these charges.
     “As a result of the conduct of the defendant, Deeantuanette Ford, the plaintiff Margolith Rotman sustained severe and permanent injuries, including numerous fractures, loss of teeth, contusions, and bruises which required hospitalization and caused great pain and suffering both temporary and permanent which will continue into the future as well as, mental anguish, and caused the plaintiff to be unable to enjoy a normal life,” Rotman says in the complaint.
     Rotman sued her building manager, Draper and Kramer, because its employee allegedly let Ford into the building after Ford claimed she had been locked out.
     Rotman seeks $1 million in punitive damages for malice and negligence.
     She is represented by Wayne Rhine.

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