Captain Beefheart Would Not Approve

HILLSBORO, Mo. (CN) – Missouri’s attorney general says a meat processing company sold ground beef and sausage with cow hearts in it, and he wants it to stop.

     Attorney General Chris Koster accuses John’s Butcher Shoppee (sic) of selling intentionally mislabeled products.
     Koster claims the U.S. and Missouri Departments of Agriculture conducted 16 tests that showed products advertised as ground beef and sausage contained heart muscle, and further tests on its sausage found it contained soy. Some samples showed heart muscle was the primary ingredient in the meat sold by the butcher shop, the complaint states.
     “The introduction of cow hearts into ground beef products is an unacceptable misrepresentation to local shoppers,” Koster said in a statement.
     Koster wants the mislabeled meat destroyed, restitution to customers and a $1,000 penalty for each violation.
     John’s Butcher Shoppe and its president Michael Kolish and secretary Thomas Kolish are named as defendants.
     John’s Butcher Shoppee has two outlets, one in Festus in southern Jefferson County and one in Overland, in north St. Louis County.

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