Candy Spelling Says Doll Auction Went Awry

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Television producer Aaron Spelling’s widow says in Superior Court that an auction house swiped part of her collection of rare dolls.
     Candy Spelling says she consigned her “world-renowned collection” of rare dolls, automatons and other antique collectibles to Fleetville Group aka Theriault’s in July 2011.
     The auction occurred that November, and Theriault’s then held another “one or more additional auctions,” according to the complaint.
     But Spelling says the auction house, which specializes in dolls, failed to provide complete account statements or pay her for sales.
     Theriault’s was allegedly supposed to take a 14 percent to 18 percent commission for dolls sold at auction under the consignment agreement.
     Spelling wants at least $500,000 in damages, claiming that Theriault’s failed to return unsold dolls after she terminated her contract with the auction house.
     “After receiving possession of the Spelling collection, Theriault’s repeatedly failed to provide plaintiff with timely and complete accountings of what items had been sold at auction, what items remained unsold, and the correct amount owed to plaintiff based on the sale of her property,” the lawsuit states. “As a result of Theriault’s acts and omissions in violation of the parties’ agreement, in March 2012, plaintiff terminated her relationship with Theriault’s, requested the return of all unsold Spelling Collection items, and requested payment for all Spelling Collection items that had been sold by Theriault’s on her behalf. Notwithstanding that request, Theriault’s has failed and refused to provide plaintiff with a full and complete accounting of all items sold, has failed to immediately return all unsold items, and has failed to pay plaintiff the amounts due and owing for the sale of her property.”
     Spelling is the mother of actress Tori Spelling, who had a role in her father’s show, “Beverly Hills 91020.”
     The complaint describes Candy Spelling as a “well known author, social commentator, socialite and philanthropist.” Her memoir “Stories from Candyland” was published in 2009. She has also written for and The Huffington Post.
     Spelling seeks an accounting and punitive damages for breach of oral contract, bad faith, conversion.
     She is represented Brian Wolf with Lavely & Singer.
     Theriault’s did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

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