Candy Bomb Blows Up|on the Boy Scouts

     QUINCY, Calif. (CN) – A Boy Scout counselor dressed as a pirate blew up a homemade candy bomb that injured a guest at a Scout Camp, the man claims in court.
     Candido Ruiz sued the National Boy Scouts of America Foundation and Nevada Area Council Boy Scouts of America, in Plumas County Court.
     Ruiz claims that he and his daughter Isabelle were attending a Boy Scout Camp in Chester, Calif. when they got the candy surprise.
     “Plaintiff and his daughter were sitting in a circle with other guests when all of a sudden a camp counselor appeared dressed as a pirate and lit something in a can and ran away without saying anything,” Ruiz says in the complaint. “This ‘homemade candy launch device’ had explosive material and candy in a metal can and was designed to explode candy into the air. A few seconds later there was a huge explosion and a gallon-sized can flew 200 feet into the air and came flying back down towards the people, spewing smoke.”
     Ruiz, Isabelle and the other guests saw the candy rocket hit the ground ran to pick up the treats, Ruiz says in the complaint.
     “Plaintiff saw the candy and stretched out his hand to grab it and the can exploded. Another can exploded and started to accelerate up into the air at a high speed and hit plaintiff’s right arm, wrist, hand and fingers, causing burns, eye irritation, muscle weakness, permanently burned skin with tightness, and nerve pain resulting in several personal injuries,” Ruiz says in the complaint.
     He seeks damages for premises liability and negligence.
     He is represented by Fred K. Maier with the Law Firm of Laub & Laub in South Lake Tahoe.

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