Call Centers Pulled Fast One, Inc21 Says

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Philippines-based call centers defrauded a company of $250,000 by using automated calling machines and fraudulently reporting “successful” sales calls at $25 a pop, leading to an avalanche of complaints from people who had never ordered anything, claims in Federal Court.

     Inc21 says it sells “Internet based services” to small businesses. It claims the many defendants, led by Sheila Flora and Tracy Gomez, bilked it fraudulently claiming at least 1,000 “successful” or “valid” sales calls, though all they did was play automated messages, and then “classify the call as a valid sale.”
     Here are the defendants, all based in the Philippines: Sheila Flora, Tracy Gomez, Hubbub Inc., LRU Commtech Central, I2C- Intelligence to Communicate Inc., Intelcon Call Center, Badoles Inc., Pelatis BPO Solutions, Proufic Contract Central, Technocall Corp., Digicall Inc., Zynergy Solutions, and Contact Central Solutions Inc.
     Inc2 demands $500 damages for each fraudulent claim. It is represented by Brett Schuman with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

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