Californian Demands Warnings on Medical Pot

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Aah, California. A Bay Area man sued a marijuana dispensary on Wednesday for failing to warn customers that smoking pot can cause cancer.
     Michael Dipirro sued the Bay Area Green Cross Dispensary in Alameda County Court.
     He claims that Proposition 65, of 1986, requires that businesses give “clear and reasonable warning” if it sells or contains chemicals that can cause “cancer or reproductive toxicity.”
     On June 19, 2009, California identified marijuana smoke as such a substance, and the warnings had to be posted by June 19, 2010, according to the complaint.
     Dipirro claims that not just the marijuana smoke, but the paraphernalia need warnings, “including, but not limited to, water bongs, smoking pipes, rolling papers, and blunts.”
     He seeks an injunction and statutory damages of $2,500 a day.
     A physician who specializes in the chest and lungs told Courthouse News that he believes marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco, so far as carcinogenicity is concerned.
     Dipirro is represented by Jennifer Henry, with Bush & Henry, of Santa Rosa.
     Dipirro is a frequent flyer in California courts, having filed at least 23 previous complaints based on Prop. 65 and failure to warn. Most were filed in 2008, involving computer components.

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