California Seeks Fines for Dozens of Political Campaigns

SACRAMENTO (CN) — California’s Fair Political Practices Commission has proposed roughly $100,000 in fines for campaign violations against dozens of candidates and campaign committees, to consider at their May 25 meeting.

Here is a roundup of the 46 proposed actions, listing only the main defendant and the main allegation(s), only for proposed penalties of $1,000 or more.

Most actions against candidates include their campaign committees. The proposals and penalties are still allegations only. Here is a link to the FPPC agenda, which includes links to stipulations for the proposals.

  • $4,500 penalty against 2014 Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur for failing to file a $5,000 contribution report
  • $3,500 penalty against the California Democratic Party for failing to identify an account as “all purpose”
  • $20,000 penalty against Milpitas businessman Michael Preston, for laundering donations to three City Council members and one candidate for the Assembly
  • $2,500 penalty against Save Public Parking, No on H; Yes on I and its treasurer Michael Powers, for technical violations involving type size and disclosures on signs
  • $2,500 penalty against Dalwinder S. Dhoot, for failing to identify himself as the sender of a mass mailing for the mayor of Lathrop in 2014
  • $2,129 penalty against Transform and Stanley Lam, for failing to register as lobbyists
  • $6,500 penalty against the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and two of its treasurers, for failing to report $143,640 in contributions and $141,002 in expenditures in 2012
  • $2,000 penalty against Tom Brewer, a candidate for Torrance mayor in the 2014 primary and 2016 general election, for failing to timely report payments for subvendors
  • $16,000 penalty against Community to Support Mt. Pleasant Elementary Schools and two of its top officers, for reporting violations
  • $6,000 penalty against the San Diego County Democratic Party for failing to timely report contributions to Bob Filner’s 2012 campaign for mayor, and other campaigns
  • $2,400 penalty against Frank Guzman for failing to file reports in 2014 and 2015 regarding his run for Pomona School Board
  • $2,000 penalty against Abel Maldonado, for failing to report contributions for his 2014 run for governor
  • $1,534 penalty against Luis J. Rodriguez for failing to file financial statements for his 2104 campaign for governor
  • $1,500 penalty against Yes on Prop. 30 – to Protect our Schools and Public Safety, for failing to timely report two contributions of $5,00 or more in 2012 Yes on Prop. 30 – to Protect our Schools and Public Safety
  • $1,442 penalty against Maynard Law, for failing to timely file reports in his run for school board in the ABC Unified School District in Cerritos in 2015
  • $1,233 penalty against Citizens Supporting Apple Valley Emergency Services – Support Measure A, for reporting violations in 2016
  • $1,125 penalty against Mike Naggar, for reporting violations in his run for Temecula City Council in 2016
  • $1,000 penalty against Democrats United for Public Education, for reporting violations in 2015
  • $4,000 penalty against Trinity County Planning Commissioner W.V. Graham Matthews III, for failing to timely file annual statements in 2014 and 2015
  • $2,000 penalty against Eric Reed (not further defined) for failing to declare his ownership of more than $10,000 in AT&T stock on his 2014 annual statement
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