California Says Charity is a Fraud

LOS ANGELES (CN) – The Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program Foundation, and Rambret Inc. conspired to deceive the public in a telemarketing fund-raising campaign, from which less than 15 percent of the money collected actually went to charitable causes, the State of California claims in Superior Court.

     In 2004, the Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) raised $372,623 and spent only $5,615 on “program services,” the state says – 1.5 percent.
     In 2001 it raised $97,680 and spent $6,903 on program services – 7 percent.
     And in a particularly generous year, 2003, LEAP raised $529,863 and spent $31,501 on program services, the state says – 5.9 percent.
     Rambret ran the telemarketing campaign for LEAP, the state says.
     The state also sued Greg F. Sawtelle, president and owner of Rambret and a director of LEAP; Monty D. Holden, an officer in LEAP; Don K. Ruiz, an officer in LEAP; Michael D. Dicesare, a director and manager of LEAP; Robert Acosta, Martin Medina and William Hemby, also officers of LEAP.
     Among other things, the state says Holden used the money for a sailboat, dock rent, cleaning and insuring the boat, and other personal expenses.

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