California Government|Being Reorganized

     SACRAMENTO (CN) – The Little Hoover Commission, California’s top oversight body, approved Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to improve government efficiency by eliminating and consolidating state agencies, the governor said Tuesday.
     The commission unanimously approved Brown’s reorganization plan to tighten up state agencies that serve the same functions, the governor said. Brown said in a statement that the vote “moves us one step closer to a more streamlined state government.”
     In a letter to the Little Hoover Commission, Brown explained his plan to “help government provide better and more cost-effective service.”
     “Why, for example, should Caltrans, the Department of Managed Health Care, and the Department of Financial Institutions be part of the same agency? And why should the Department of Real Estate Appraisers be in a different agency than almost all other professional licensing entities? Confusing associations like these make little sense and both produce and obscure inefficiencies,” Brown wrote.
     Among other changes, the reorganization will replace five agencies with three.
     The Government Operations Agency will administer state operations, such as information technology and human resources. The Business and Consumer Services Agency will oversee industries and businesses, and the Transportation Agency will consolidate six of the state’s transportation entities into one.
     The plan is being considered by lawmakers, and will go into effect unless it is rejected by either house before July 3.

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