California Courts Covid Update

California Court Accessibility During Covid-19, July 20, 2020 Edition

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Superior Court

July 15, 2020: Revisions to general order regarding court operations

USDC Central District, Western Division

July 17, 2020: Enhanced entry screening

San Diego 

San Diego County Superior Court

July 16, 2020: Face covering and screening requirements

July 15, 2020: Time to hold preliminary hearings extended

July 14, 2020: San Diego Court offers virtual services

July 14, 2020: Court extends time to hold arraignments  

USDC Southern District of California

July 13, 2020: Proceedings during public health emergency

July 13, 2020: Emergency use of video and telephonic conference technology in some criminal proceedings during pandemic

Orange County

Orange County Superior Court

July 17, 2020: Juvenile emergency relief implementation order

July 16, 2020: Order regarding procedures for conducting remote traffic proceedings

July 15, 2020: Amended order regarding safety measures and face coverings required in court

July 14, 2020: Order authorizes remote civil and probate court trial sessions

USDC Central District, Southern Division

July 17, 2020: Entry screening enhanced


Riverside County Superior Court

July 16, 2020: Order extends time for service of process in unlimited civil cases

July 16,2020: Time for process service in limited civil cases extended

USDC Central District, Eastern Division, Riverside

July 17, 2020: Enhanced screening for entry

San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County Superior Court

July 17, 2020: Second implementation order extends criminal trials

July 17, 2020: Court now offers live audio streaming of criminal court proceedings

July 17, 2020: Limited CourtCall piloting video begins

July 17, 2020: Live audio streaming for court proceedings

Santa Clara

Santa Clara County Superior Court

July 15, 2020: Emergency relief implementation order

July 15, 2020: General order regarding emergency relief

July 16, 2020: Expanded criminal services implemented

July 16, 2020: Probate trials and settlement conferences resume, amended

July 14, 2020: Criminal trial and preliminary hearings standing order

July 14, 2020: Resumption of juvenile dependency contested hearings and public access

Sacramento County

Sacramento County Superior Court

July 13, 2020: Public notice regarding implementation of expanded criminal services

July 14, 2020: Standing order regarding criminal trial and preliminary hearings

July 15, 2020: Order regarding implementation of emergency relief

July 16, 2020: Public notice regarding probate trials and settlement conferences                      

July 20, 2020: Public notice regarding juvenile dependency                          

Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County Superior Court

July 20, 2020: Amended emergency local rules for criminal

Fresno County

Fresno County Superior Court

July 17, 2020: Order regarding emergency relief

San Francisco County

Judicial Council of California

July 13, 2020: Emergency order regarding San Mateo

July 13, 2020: Emergency order regarding Stanislaus

July 14, 2020: Emergency order regarding San Diego

July 16, 2020: Changes to California Bar Exam

July 20, 2020: Council to consider allocation of state budged funds to trial courts

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