California Courts Covid Update

California Court Accessibility During Covid-19, March 26, 2021 Edition

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Superior Court

               March 25, 2021: Child Support court operations to be relocated

               March 25, 2021: Updated Covid-19 Timeline of Events

               March 25, 2021: Administrative Order regarding Covid-19 pandemic

Placer County

               Placer County Superior Court

                              March 24, 2021: Placer Court announces transition to eFiling services

                              March 25, 2021: Updated actions in response to Covid-19 virus

                              March 26, 2021: Covid-19 Infographic

El Dorado County County

               El Dorado County Superior Court

                              March 25, 2021: Order granting emergency relief and suspending civil jury trials

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