Cabbie Whaled on Them, Couple Say

     SAVANNAH, Ga. (CN) – A married couple claim in court that a cab driver beat them up at the behest of a passenger, who accused the wife of “giving her a look.”

     Brian and Sheila Owens sued Oscelious Green, Diamond Cab Co. and the Jane Doe passenger, in Chatham County State Court.
     The Owenses claim they were coming out of a restaurant in July 2006 when Green confronted them, instigated by Jane Doe.
     “Upon exiting the Huddle House, plaintiffs were confronted by defendant Green,” the complaint states.
     “Defendant Jane Doe stated to defendant Green, ‘That ugly bitch is giving me a look.’
     “Plaintiff Owens responded to defendant Doe’s remarks by asking what it was that she had said.
     “Subsequently, defendant Jane Doe exited the cab and confronted plaintiff Brian Owens.
     “At that point, defendant Green struck plaintiff Brian Owens with a closed fist numerous times.
     “Plaintiff Sheila Owens attempted to stop defendant Green from striking plaintiff Brian Owens.
     “Defendant Jane Doe then attempted to attack plaintiff Brian Owens.”
     When Sheila tried to help her husband, she says, Doe struck her in the face with a fist.
     Green and Doe got back into the cab and disappeared, leaving the couple seriously injured, according to the complaint. The couple claim the police tracked down Green’s cab, but were unable to find Green.
     They claim that Diamond Cab knew about Green’s “violent and criminal propensities,” but hired him anyway.
     They seek compensatory and punitive damages for assault and battery, negligence, emotional distress, pain and suffering and medical expenses.
     They are represented by Steven Scheer with Scheer & Montgomery.

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