Buyer Wants $2.6M for Damaged Ferraris

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A car buyer claims a Beverly Hills dealer sold him two rare Ferraris — a 275 NART Spyder and a McLaren F1 — for $4.5 million, but both cars were damaged and the dealer never delivered the McLaren.

     Bernard Carl says he agreed to buy a Ferrari 275 NART Spyder and a McLaren F1 from Andrew Cohen and John Gillespie of Beverly Hills Sports and Classic Cars.
     The yellow Spyder, the last of only 10 ever made, “is like a Picasso in the vintage car market, a piece of art heavily sought after but rarely available for sale,” Carl claims in Superior Court.
     Spyder owners include Steve McQueen and Ralph Lauren, the complaint states, and the 275 NART Spyder is valued at $7 million.
     The McLaren F1 is one of fewer than 70 McLaren road cars produced during the car’s production run from 1994 to 1998, the complaint states.
     The contract allegedly stipulated that Carl would get new sets of original and authentic tires and rims for both cars. Cohen also agreed to have the cars delivered to Carl’s home in Southampton, N.Y., the complaint says. The Spyder was to be imported from Japan. Cohen and Gillespie assured Carl that both cars had been inspected and were in good condition with original parts and no history of damage, the lawsuit states.
     After paying in full for both cars, Carl says he received the Spyder, but the McLaren never showed up. To add insult to injury, he says, both cars have suffered substantial damage that has decreased their values and affected their authenticity.
     The Spyder was in a collision and the McLaren has had an overheating and fire episode, according to the complaint.
     Carl demands $2.6 million in general damages, an order forcing Cohen to deliver the McLaren, punitive damages, interest and costs for breach of contract, recovery of personal property, conversion, fraud, misrepresentation and conspiracy.
     Carl is represented by Laurie Hiller.

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