But Where’s the Boat?

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – John Winninghof took $284,000 from Uncle Sam to build a bio-diesel fuel sightseeing boat for Voyageurs National Park, but spent only $12,000 on the boat, the USA claims in Federal Court.

     Uncle Sam says that when it learned Winninghof had spent only $12,000 of the $284,000 on the boat, and the government asked what he intended to do it, Winninghoff had the brass to reply “with a proposal to build the boat ‘at a cost somewhat greater than the original $475,000.00.’ … In a follow-up email, dated September 24, 2005, Winninghoff suggested that he could complete the boat
     specified in the contract for an additional three hundred ten thousand dollars ($310,000.00). By letter dated October 6, 2005, the contracting officer told Winninghoff his offer was unacceptable.”Uncle Sam wants $273,000 from Winninghof and Winninghof Boats

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