Bus Crash Videotaped;|Lawsuit Follows

     DALLAS (CN) – A lawsuit has been filed over the freeway crash of a bus that smashed into a line of stopped cars; the in-bus video made headlines.
     Jose Sepulveda and Pollieanna Sepulveda sued Veolia Transport Services and its driver Willie Grant, in Dallas County Court.
     Veolia owns the paratransit vehicle and operated it on a contract for Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Dallas-area transit authority.
     In his complaint, Sepulveda says he was stopped on the Dallas North Tollway near downtown Dallas on June 29 when Grant rear-ended him.
     In-bus video released by DART during its investigation shows Grant failing to slow down and slamming speed into the row of stopped cars on the off-ramp, sending them across all lanes of the highway.
     In the video, Grant is looking straight ahead as he approaches the cars, but seems inattentive, failing to brake or react to the parked cars until the collision.
     Sepulveda claims his car was crushed and pushed into three other cars.
     “Dallas Fire & Rescue used the jaws of life to extricate plaintiff Sepulveda from his vehicle before he was transported to Parkland Hospital for emergency treatment and surgery,” the complaint states.
     Sepulveda claims Grant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to maintain control of the vehicle and failed to maintain attention on upcoming traffic,.
     Veolia Transport Services has managed DART’s paratransit service for the disabled since 2001, according to its website.
     “At that time, DART consolidated paratransit services, choosing us as their sole provider,” the company’s website states. “Since that time Veolia’s performance and track record have more than demonstrated the soundness of that decision.”
     Sepulveda seeks actual and punitive damages for negligence. He is represented by Robert Crain with Crain Lewis of Dallas.

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