Burger King Accused of Firing Woman Over Skirt

     DALLAS (CN) – Burger King fired a Pentecostal woman for wearing a skirt to work, the EEOC claims in court.
     The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Fries Restaurant Management dba Burger King, in Federal Court, claiming it failed to reasonably accommodate the religious beliefs of Ashanti Mcshan.
     “Ms. McShan’s religion is a Pentecostal of Christian faith, and adheres to an interpretation of the scripture that requires women to wear only skirts or dresses,” the complaint states. “The defendant hired Ms. McShan as a cashier. At the time of her interview for the job, Ms. McShan asked to wear a skirt instead of uniform pants as a religious accommodation. Defendant assured her that she could wear a skirt to work. However, when she arrived at work for orientation, the store management informed Ms. McShan that she could not wear a skirt and that she had to leave the store. Ms. McShan was required to leave despite her explanation that she was wearing the skirt with the understanding that she would be allowed a religious accommodation.”
     The EEOC claims the Burger King intentionally violated McShan’s equal emploument opportunities because of her religious beliefs.
     It seeks actual damages, punitive damages and an injunction.

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