Bumper Stickers We Need

If Not You, Who? If Not Me, Why Not You?

I Got My Job Through the Public Schools

See the Grand Canyon Before It Dies

Women Are a Girl’s Best Friend

End Procrastination Soon!

Black Lives Don’t Matter in Mississippi

The Civil War Is Over — Everyone Lost

Republicans Today, Republicans Tomorrow — But That’s About It

100 Percent of Polls Are 50 Percent Wrong

Police Protect, Defend and Follow You

Police Protect, Follow You and Knock You Down

Facebook Has You in a Chokehold

Russia’s President Can Beat Our President’s Ass

Buddy, Can You Spare a Tax Cut?

Sexual Harassment Is for Swine — It’s Treyf and Haram

Pigs Are Clean — So Are Some People

Hell Is for Winners

The Bible Is Fake News

Speaking Spanish Is Legal

Dyslexics Untie!

Presumed Innocent

No One Is Innocent

My Sainted Mother Was No Virgin

Dizzy Gillespie for President — Dead or Alive

L’Oiseau Vive!

Will Edit for Food

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