Bullock Files Temporary Restraining Order

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Sandra Bullock’s attorney filed a temporary restraining order against a man who the Oscar-winning actress says has been stalking her for seven years.

     According to attorney Edwin McPherson, Thomas Weldon drove all the way from Tennessee to Jackson Hole, Wyo., “just to meet with [Bullock].”
     Weldon has claimed that “he has had a close relationship with [Bullock] for some time,” according to the restraining order. Bullock says she has never met or talked to Weldon.
      According to McPherson, the restraining order against Weldon expired in 2009, and that Weldon had been institutionalized in Wyoming State Hospital.
     However, as pointed out in the restraining order, “Defendant revealed that his delusions and fixations concerning [Bullock] had not subsided.”
     Sandra ordered another restraining order against Weldon, and listed her 7-month-old son, her son’s nanny and Bullock’s father as needing protection from Weldon.
     Judge Carol Goodson denied McPherson’s appeal to include Bullock’s sister and brother-in-law on the protected persons list.
     She told McPherson that the couple need to file their own restraining order.
     “This is a case of a fan going over being a fan …[T]his is the downside of being a celebrity,” Goodson said.
     McPherson was pleased with the decision.
     “Ms. Bullock had been stalked by this person for seven years and it’s obvious that the fixation of her has not been fixed at all despite seven years of treatment,” he said.

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