Building Resumes on German-Russian Pipeline Opposed by US

A Russian construction worker speaks on a mobile phone in Portovaya Bay, some 106 miles northwest from St. Petersburg, Russia, during a 2010 ceremony marking the start of Nord Stream pipeline construction. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky, file)

BERLIN (AP) — Construction of a German-Russian pipeline that the United States has vehemently opposed resumed on Friday after nearly a year, the company building the pipeline said.

Nord Stream 2 confirmed the resumption of work to German news agency dpa. The move came nearly a week after a Russian pipe-laying ship sailed into position to start work.

Much of the pipeline has already been laid. But Switzerland-based Allseas, which operated ships laying sections of the undersea pipeline, suspended its work last December after U.S. President Donald Trump signed legislation threatening sanctions against companies linked to the project.

The U.S. has been an outspoken opponent of the pipeline, which will transport natural gas about 750 miles. Along with eastern European countries that also oppose the project, the U.S. government argues that it will increase Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy.

Nord Stream 2 is owned by Russia’s Gazprom, with investment from several European companies.

The Kremlin has countered by accusing Washington of trying to derail the project in a bid to force European customers to purchase U.S. liquefied natural gas instead of the cheaper Russian natural gas.

Germany has objected to “extraterritorial sanctions” threatened by the U.S.

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