Brown Slams Mylan While Signing Its EpiPen Bill

     SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) — California Gov. Jerry Brown simultaneously blasted pharmaceutical company Mylan for spiking its EpiPen costs while signing a bill it sponsored to let businesses stock the life-saving drug.
     Brown criticized Mylan for increasing EpiPen prices by more than 500 percent while subsequently raising its CEO’s salary to over $19 million.
     “State government cannot stop unconscionable price increases but it can shed light on such rapacious corporate behavior,” Brown said in a signing message.
     The measure, Assembly Bill 1386, allows businesses and public entities to have EpiPens available for emergency use. When administered, the drug delivers a dose of epinephrine meant to counter severe allergic reactions such as bee stings and food allergies.
     The bill was passed unanimously by the Legislature.
     Earlier this month a U.S. Senate subcommittee said it was investigating the sudden rise of EpiPen prices since Mylan purchased distribution rights in 2007.
     While Mylan sponsored the California bill, Brown called on Congress to delve deeper into Mylan’s “pricing maneuvers.”
     “Today, I have sent a letter to congressional leaders urging quick and decisive action to rein in these predatory practices,” Brown wrote.

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