Broward County Judge Strikes Marriage Ban

     (CN) – Following the lead of several other judges, Judge Dale Cohen struck down Florida’s ban on same-sex marriages — at least as it pertains to the state’s 17th judicial district.
     The ruling by Cohen, an appointee of former Gov. Jeb Bush, stems from a case involving a woman named Heather Brassner, who wanted to end a civil-union with her partner which was performed in Vermont.
     Brassner was unable to end her marriage because Florida does not recognize same-sex unions performed in other states. Shepetitioned the state in order to obtain her divorce.
     On Aug. 4, , Judge Cohen was forced to vacate a previous decision throwing out the ban because Brassner’s attorneys failed to allot time for the State’s appeal, but his most recent decision remains the same- gay marriage bans are unconstitutional.
     Same-sex marriages will come to all of Florida on Jan. 5 as the result of a separate ruling by U.S. District judge Robert Hinkle in Tallahassee.

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