Brooke Hogan Sued by Producers for $200,000

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan, used a song written by two Jamaican producers on her debut album, “The Redemption,” without crediting or paying them, the producers claim in a $200,000 federal lawsuit.

     In early 2006, Jam 2 Productions claims Hogan and Sobe Entertainment asked Jam 2’s owners, Jammy James and Camar Doyal, to write music for Hogan’s upcoming album. Jam 2 says James and Doyal submitted a CD of songs, and Hogan agreed to pay and credit them if she ended up using their music.
     Hogan decided to use one of Jam 2’s songs, “Come On, Come On,” which Doyle and James wrote in 2001, according to the complaint.
     Jam 2 says Hogan sent it a rough version of the song, overlaid with her own lyrics and re-titled “Trust Me.” Sobe and Hogan again told Jam 2 that they would pay for the use of the song, Jam 2 claims.
     But Sobe and Fontana Distribution released Hogan’s album, “The Redemption,” in June 2009 without crediting or paying Jam 2, the lawsuit states.
     Another Sobe artist, Trevor “Baby G” James, is allegedly credited with producing “Trust Me.”
     Jam 2 demands $200,000 plus punitive damages. Jon Jekielek is representing the production company.

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