Bronx Man Says Cops Sodomized Him

     BRONX (CN) – A Bronx man says New York City police officers “repeatedly penetrated … his anus with a foreign object” after arresting him on a bogus charge. He claims cops entered an apartment without a warrant on March 4 and arrested him, and that before being sodomized he was “stripped, punched, placed in a headlock, kneed in the back and struck several times about his body.”

     Plaintiff Derrick Taylor’s case is reminiscent of that of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima, another Bronx resident.
     “It was not as severe (as the Louima case), but it has similar circumstances,” said Robert Mijuca, Taylor’s attorney in Bronx County Court.
     In 1997, police officers sodomized Abner Louima with a broken broomstick after arresting him outside a Brooklyn nightclub. Louima required several surgeries to repair his bladder and colon.
     Louima later was awarded an $8.75 million civil settlement, and became an icon in the movement against police brutality.
     In addition to the brutality Taylor says he suffered, he says the officers arrested and imprisoned him on false charges and filed a fictitious police report.
     Taylor sued the New York City Police Department and the unidentified officers that he says falsely arrested, imprisoned, maliciously prosecuted and brutalized him.
     He is represented by Robert Mijuca with Rubenstein & Rynecki of Brooklyn.

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