British TV Star Sues Hollywood Managers

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – British film and TV star Craig Fairbrass claims in court that his Hollywood managers defrauded him of money owed for his star turn in the action movie “The Outsider” with James Caan.
     Fairbrass and “The Outsider” writer-director Brian Miller sued ZG Entertainment, their managers Mark Holder and Christine Holder, who produced Miller’s “The Outsider,” production company Outsider Films, six other corporations and LLCs and nine other people.
     Miller’s loan-out Sky Harbor Films and Fairbrass’ loan-out One Touch Films are among the parties to the federal lawsuit.
     Fairbrass is famous in England for his roles in TV soap operas, including “Eastenders,” “Emmerdale” and the drama “London’s Burning.”
     The actor claims that he accepted an advance of $25,000 to star in the picture, and deferred his $40,000 fee, plus expenses.
     Miller, meanwhile, claims he accepted a deferred purchase price of $15,000 for his “The Outsider” screenplay, and optioned the property to the Holders for $1. The director says he also deferred a $50,000 payment for directing services, and was promised a cut of proceeds from the finished film.
     The director and actor claim that the Holders promised they would be first in line to receive their compensation. But the plaintiffs say that the producer-managers did not pay Miller or his loan-out his fee, or the $1 option.
     Fairbrass and his company were paid only $4,709.68 of the actor’s fee, according to the complaint.
     “Based upon his two written agreements made though Mark and Christine on behalf of ZGE and Outsider, Miller performed all services required of him and his loan out company Sky Harbor and delivered the picture ‘The Outsider’ to Outsider and Mark and Christine under budget by approximately $300,000.00. In contrast, to date, Outsider has not paid Miller or Sky Harbor a single dollar for his services associated ‘The Outsider’ or for the script or related to an agreement to defer compensation,” the 31-page lawsuit states.
     Claiming the Holders have taken money from the budget that is due to the movie’s star and director, the lawsuit seeks an accounting, all profits from “The Outsider,” and damages for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, copyright infringement and other counts.
     Defendants include Zero Gravity Management, Premiere Entertainment Group, Hollywood Media Bridge, Image Entertainment Group, and executive producers Elias Axume, James Bruce, Jack Campbell, Phillip Goldfine, Jason Hewitt, Ryan Noto, Benjamin Sacks, Bryan Sexton and Bryan Wright.
     Fairbrass took the lead role in “The Outsider,” which was earlier this year. The movie also stars James Caan and Jason Patric.
     Miller and Fairbrass are represented by Michael Saltz, with Jacobson, Russell, Saltz, Nassim & De La Torre.
     Zero Gravity Management did not respond to an emailed request for comment on Tuesday.

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